Friday, August 8, 2014

Top 3 Reasons Why I Don't Use Conditioner

Using conditioner in locs is a highly debatable topic in the Loc Community and I wanted to share my reasonings for NOT putting conditioner in my locs. Check out my latest video [HERE] to understand my top 3 reasons why I don't use conditioner.

Do you think its necessary to use conditioner in your hair?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Black Hair with Shea Moisture!

I did it again, colored my locs, but this time is permanent (I know i say that each time, lol)! After my violet locs, blue locs, failed attempt at green locs, and my recent disaster with hair chalk it is time for me to just have a "normal" color and let my hair freeform into its own look. 

This go around, I used the SheaMoisture Hair Coloring System because I've been dying to try it out. Here are before and after pictures:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Decision to Semi-Free Form My Locs

On my journey to creating thicker locs that I posted about a few weeks ago regarding combining my locs [HERE] a reader made a comment that resonated with me, "you can make them bigger but not thicker." This statement was so true. I began to notice that despite combining several locs the size of the loc was still relatively small in relation to my part and that my hair really only looked how I desired immediately after shampooing it. So one day after shampooing it, I decided not to retwist it and to see what happened... And so began my semi-free form journey....

I explain more about my decision in my recent vlog update [HERE].

[Tutorial] Loc Extensions using Havana Hair

A few months ago I installed Faux Loc Extensions [HERE] and raved about how great the Havana Hair was over Marley Hair; I also promised a tutorial for how to install Loc Extensions over locs. It's finally here! 

The True Difference Between Havana Twists & Marley Twists

What makes twists "Havana Twists" vs "Marley Twists"?
The ONLY difference between Marley Twists and Havana Twists is the type of hair that is used; Marley hair for Marley Twists and Havana Hair for Havana Twists. Both type of twists can be equally large, using more strands of hair, or slim, using fewer strands of hair, and they both can be really long using the stagger method.

So what makes "Marley Hair" different from "Havana Hair"?
Marley Hair is afro-textured hair that has a sheen, similar to kaneakolon braid hair. Whereas, Havana Hair is afro-textured hair that does NOT have a sheen and therefore mostly closely resembles human hair.

Where can you purchase Marley Hair? 
Marley Hair has been widely available at local beauty supply store for years, with some brands better than others. Personally, I like the Nubian Twist brand because it's bulky and gives a really natural looking Marley Twists in only 2.5 packs.

Where can you purchase Havana Hair? 
 For the past few years, Havana Hair was only available through Fingercomber, for the steep price of $12 per pack (with a minimum of 2-3 packs for a full head of chunky twists) in addition to shipping. Yikes! However, I just discovered Havana Hair in the local beauty supply store by Equal sold under the alias of "Cuban Twist" Braid hair for only $8 per pack!

Which type of hair is better for Faux Loc Extensions?
Personally, I prefer Havana hair for Loc Extensions because it gives a really natural look and lasts longer through shampooing and daily wear (styling, manipulation, moisturizing, etc.) but you can also use Marley Hair.  (As of now) Havana hair is only made in natural shades, whereas I've seen Marley Hair in also every color you can imagine. The choice of hair really depends on your budget and the desired look you're going for.
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