Friday, August 28, 2009

Finger Coils / Gel Twist Tutorial !!

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Check out this post on the new website, "Comb Coils / Gel Twists Tutorial".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Weekly Hair Regimen

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's My 7-Month Nappiversary !!

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Wow! I can't believe its really been 7-months!! I feel like my hair journey just started yesterday! I have learned so much and hopefully I can share all of what I've learned with all my family, friends, natural divas, and everyone I've yet to meet!

I wish everyone else embarking on their journey the best, and those thinking of taking your own hair journey I would definitely recommend it!!

Don't forget to view my hair journey on Fotki!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The CurlyNuGrowth Logo!!

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I finally designed my logo, and I LOVE it !! Pictured in the center is a 'duafe', which is West-African for "wooden comb" and is symbolic of beauty and cleanliness; feminine qualities. I chose this symbol because I believe your hair is beautiful no matter the shade, texture, or length and us woman should embrace, understand and love our hair!

Deep Conditioner of the Week:"Avocado Blend"

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I decided to do an avocado based deep-conditioner this week because I keep reading about all the benefits of avocados (*TBP)! There are many ways, or should I say additions, that can be added to an avaocado mix to be used a deep conditioner, so use what's best for your hair or experiment until you find the right combination!
  • Ingredients: Whole Avocado (minus the skin), Coconut Oil, EVOO
  • Consistency: Very Runny
  • Duration: ~30 minutes
  • Pre-Shampoo: Yes
  • Pre-Condition: No

Results: I Like! I Like! After rinsing out, the mix left my hair shiny of course (EVOO), but also it was really soft and felt moisturized! Even after two shampoos (Pretty Natural LLC Shampoo) my hair was still soft and moisturized!! Good Job Avocado!! - I will YouTube the process next time!

How To Do:
  1. Cut the Avocado in half, remove the middle and the skin.
  2. Pour in about half the can of coconut milk.
  3. Pour about ~3 Tbsp of EVOO
  4. 4. Mix. I wish I had blended it, but you can use a fork and/or spoon to mash the avocado with the ingredients.
  5. 5. Saturate hair.
    **FYI** This is really runny, so use a bottle or have a towel handy.
  6. 6. Let sit. Once I put my plastic cap on, I rolled up a few paper towels and put them around the edges so mix wouldn't drip out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New style.. Flat-Twists & Coils

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I tried to a new style today. Initially, I was going to do coils all over my head, but when I got to the top, I wanted to do flat twists.

After shampooing and deep conditioning, I applied Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk to my hair. The mix I used to do the coils contained: Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, and Shea Butter. I then used a rat-tail comb to coil the back of my hair, and then I flat twisted the front and 2-strand twisted the ends. Approx. Style Time: 3 hrs

Friday, August 14, 2009

What's your favorite style?!

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If you look at my previous post, reviewing Pretty Natural LLC's Shampoo and Aubrey Organics Conditioner, then you know I just shampooed and conditioned my hair, but I also twisted it back up! I love wearing twists..its so protective!!

I washed my hair with the Pretty Natural shampoo 3 times because I had a lot of build-up from all the shea butter I was using in my twist-out over the past two days and this shampoo definitely cleansed my hair and scalp! Another great thing, was that it left my hair really soft, it was not drying, and my curls were really defined!! I am in LOVE with this shampoo, and can't wait to try the entire system, including the conditioner!!

After the Pretty Nautral, LLC shampoo, I applied a generous amount of Aubrey Organics Conditioner and combed it through my hair with the wide tooth comb. Initially, my hair did not feel super soft, so I applied a small amount of Karen's Body Beautiful Herbal Conditioner as well. I put on a shower cap and let the mix sit for 4 hours (i feel asleep). I then rinsed it out and my hair was soooooooooooo soft!!

I then used my 'Twist Mix' (see older post) to twist my hair into several medium twists! I usually keep these in for 2-3 days and then wear my twist out for a day or two (re-twisting each night)..i think this keeps my hair moisturized and protected!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Confessions of a Product "PJ" Junkie ..08/13/09

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Today at Whole Foods Market, I stumbled upon two GREAT products!

The first product is a shampoo by 'Pretty Natural, LLC' (

The shampoo smells really nice and contains all natural ingredients! After shampooing my hair, it was really clean and their were no signs of drying, my hair was actually really soft and curl defined!

The second product I discovered is Aubrey Organics: Moisturizing Conditioner:

This conditioner works miracles! I used the Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry hair, because my hair has been shedding a lot lately and I wanted to use a conditioner that "restored moisture" to my hair; I definitely think this did the trick! This conditioner also contained 100% all natural ingredients! After the conditioner, my hair was extremely soft and easily detangled!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30th Annual Black August Weekend & 7th Annual Happily Natural Day!!

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Who is going to ATL this weekend or Richmond,VA the 28th - 29th ?!

The 7th Annual Happily Natural Day & the 30th Annual Black August Weekend are about to be in FULL effect !!

Photo Courtesy of:

Visit for more info !!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trial & Amazing... Pre-Condition/Wash/Conditioner

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Today, I tried a new regimen on my hair...and so far I like the results!! I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse [TUTORIAL HERE] and a honey pre-condition!
**FYI: ACV doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would, and it does NOT linger in your hair! **

Benefits of Ingredients: (accumulated from research on forums and youtube vids):
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: The acid is naturally cleansing and is very similar to the natural oils in our hair, so it is very gentle.
  • Honey: Helps seal in moisture, and smells nice.
  • Carrot Oil: Helps fight breakage and split ends.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Cleansing and contains Vitamin E.
  • Coconut Oil: Moisturizer, adds sheen to hair.

Here's what I did:

Pre-Condition Products:
  • 2 tbsp of Honey
  • 4 tbsp of Coconut Oil
  • Spray Bottle
  • Shower Cap
  • Towel
Pre-Condition Application:
  1. I mixed the honey and the coconut oil in a small bowl. And put the towel in the dryer on High.
  2. I microwaved the mixed ingredients for 30 seconds (I recommend 15-20 seconds max).
  3. I then poured the melted contents into a spray bottle. I sprayed throughout my hair and then put on a plastic shower cap. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. I then wrapped the, now hot, towel around my head and let it sit for another 15 minutes.

Wash/Shampoo Products:

  • Apple Cider Vinger
  • Applicaion Bottle
  • Taliah Waajid: Black Earth Shampoo

Wash/Shampoo Application:

  1. Poured 3oz. of ACV and 1 oz. of water into Application. Shake.
  2. Generously applied ACV Mix and massaged into scalp then rinse. Repeat twice.
  3. Shampooed with Taliah Waajid Shampoo, and rinsed.
**For an ACV Rinse Tutorial, watch [HERE]. 

Conditioner Products:

  • Taliah Waajid: Enhancing Herbal Conditioner
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Carrot Oil
  • Wide-tooth Comb

Conditioner Application:

  1. Applied the Taliah Waajid Conditioner and combed through my hair.
  2. Generously applied Tea Tree Oil and Carrot Oil and massaged into scalp.
  3. Let sit at least 15 minutes. (I am letting it sit for an hour or so).

Controversy & Education of Natural Hair...

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I am back from Paris, yay!!! Go here if you'd like to see pictures of the trip on fotki ! But while I was there, with no TV and many sleepless nights, I had a lot of time to think and explore YouTube! And in my exploration I stumbled upon the 'Good Hair vs. Bad Hair' debate on the Tyra Show and checked out many video responses to the show.

I strongly suggest you check it out (if you haven't already) @ YouTube (its broken into 5 segments) !! I may do a video response myself or post some comments because I have A LOT to say (but that's another post) !

Anyway, from those videos and video responses, I found a lot of other natural woman whose video journey's I will be subscribing to (will post later) and also a BOOK that I cannot wait to read!! The book is titled "Hair Story: Untangling the roots of Black hair in America" by Ayana Byrd & Lori Tharps. From the video responses and other book reviews, the book seems to be a GREAT read and highly recommended, so I am picking up my copy today!!
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