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My name is Jocelyn, but you can call me Jojo, and I am a Freelance Natural Hair Writer & Natural Hair / Locs Stylist. I have been styling hair, both my own and others, for over 10 years and I worked at a Hair Salon for about 9 years. Ever since I was a child, hair, especially natural hair, has been one of my passions.

What began my journey to Natural Hair was a simple question, "Why do you put a relaxer in my hair?". You can read my entire Hair Story [HERE]. In late 2009, a few months into my own Natural Hair journey, I created the CurlyNuGrowth blog. My initial intention of the blog was to keep track of my progress. However, as I posted pictures & shared stories many other naturals started asking me questions about their hair and inquiring about my journey because they were also at the same stage as me. It was then that I realized many other women wanted to go natural but didn't know how or were natural and didn't know what to do. My passion for natural hair led me to create a resource that could help women & men with their journey and (hopefully) encourage women with relaxed hair to embrace their natural hair. In addition to the blog, I began making CurlyNuGrowth channel[HERE], which feature hairstyle tutorials, product reviews, hair updates, DIY product recipes and much more, all aimed to support natural hair.

My hope is that anyone with natural hair or considering going natural can visit and get information that will help them along in their journey. If you are looking for inspiration, I would suggest reading a few of the Natural Hair Features [HERE]. If you are looking to meet local naturals to share stories, get tips & advice, or find a Natural Hair buddy to go to events with check out the Upcoming Events [HERE] and also join the Nu Growth Meetup group [HERE].

If you are looking for daily advice, inspiration, and news in the natural hair community subscribe to The Nu Growth Community and follow me on Twitter (@CurlyNuGrowth).

Of course, wouldn't exist without your questions, comments & support. I want to thank you for visiting the and I invite you to share this blog with friends & family and be sure to connect with me!

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