Monday, April 23, 2012

[Contest] Name Your Natural Hair Show!

You already know how much I LOVE OyinHandmade products and having the opportunity to share them with you warms my heart! So today I have the warm and fuzzies because I am offering a full sample pack of all of OyinHandmade's hair products! 

The winner is Asia! 

Her show name was the inspiration for "The Mane Definition", a natural hair talk show presented by myself & Jess of 
Be sure to visit!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chai Tea Shampoo Bar Review

A few weeks ago, at the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo [HERE], I picked up a few shampoo bars from the Pure Shea Store. Up until this point, I had never used a shampoo bar on my Sisterlocks, although I have tried the OyinHandmade Poo Bar on my Loose Natural Hair [HERE] and loved the results, so I was anxious to try it on my Sisterlocks. 

The NuGrowth Book Club is Official!

My vision for the NuGrowth Book Club is to build knowledge within the natural hair community by reading and discussing Non-Fiction African-American Literature about Culture & Beauty. Initially, I was going to have the NuGrowth Book Club solely online, but I love the in-person interaction and sense of community, so I'm going to do BOTH! You can join the NuGrowth Book Club by subscribing to the mailing list [HERE] or below.

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