Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The NuGrowth Book Club is Official!

My vision for the NuGrowth Book Club is to build knowledge within the natural hair community by reading and discussing Non-Fiction African-American Literature about Culture & Beauty. Initially, I was going to have the NuGrowth Book Club solely online, but I love the in-person interaction and sense of community, so I'm going to do BOTH! You can join the NuGrowth Book Club by subscribing to the mailing list [HERE] or below.

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We will be kicking off the NuGrowth Book Club meetings on the first Saturday of the month, beginning in May. Our first discussion will be at the Barnes & Nobles in DC (location subject to change) and online via the NuGrowth Book Club Channel on UStream.

So grab your copy of "The Science of Black Hair", either hard copy or e-book version [Kindle or Nook], and enjoy a great read! As you read, jot down any questions you may have or areas you'd like to comment on and join me & the NuGrowth Book Club for our first discussion!

If you're in the DC area, make sure you tell a friend and both of you can RSVP to the NuGrowth Book Club meetings [HERE] or if you're joining in online subscribe the Ustream Channel [HERE]!

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