Monday, April 23, 2012

[Contest] Name Your Natural Hair Show!

You already know how much I LOVE OyinHandmade products and having the opportunity to share them with you warms my heart! So today I have the warm and fuzzies because I am offering a full sample pack of all of OyinHandmade's hair products! 

The winner is Asia! 

Her show name was the inspiration for "The Mane Definition", a natural hair talk show presented by myself & Jess of 
Be sure to visit!

Leave a comment answering the question,

"If you had a natural hair talk show, what would you call it?"

Also be sure to include your contact email address so that I can contact you. 

NOTE: You can submit as many answers as you like and the best show name will win, so be creative!

CONTEST CLOSED. Thank you for entering! 
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