Friday, April 11, 2014

[Hair Diary] Thinking About Combining My Locs

After cutting my Sisterlocks and deciding to embark on my Traditional locs journey, I knew that I wanted thick locs. Having started my Traditional Locs with 50 locs and now at 46 locs after cutting an undercut, I still don't think I'll be achieving my desired look. This really settled in with my most recent loc extension install, which seems to more than likely resemble what my locs will look like in about another year or so of maturity.

Then I stumbled upon the #thicklocs hashtag on Instagram and fell in love with some of the most beautiful thick locs I'd ever seen! After looking into the journey of several of the beauties in this collection of #thicklocs, many of them combined their locs later in their journey, so I'm thinking why not do it now while they're still young?! As of now, my initial plan is not to combine ALL of them but the scraggly ones will definitely be joining a friend in the near future, lol.

The next step in this decision is figuring out what method I'll use to combine them. There are SOOO many options. Interlocking. Two-strand twists. Threading. Wrapping. Base combination. The list goes on and on, so I'll be sure to share what I actually decide.
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