Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Hair Day

We've moved to!

Friday is officially 'Big Hair Friday'! Follow me on twitter (@CurlyNuGrowth) and I will ask on Fridays to twitpic your "Big Hair"! I am excited to see the styles!! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Product "PJ" Junkie Update..

We've moved to!

SInce my PJ Confession ( I have been holding true to my "Product Freeze". Though it has been VERY hard, I have managed to stay strong! 

At the time of my confession, I had 6 Shampoos, 6 Conditioners, 15 Oils, and 7 Lotions... YIKES! As of today, I am down to 6 Shampoos, 2 Conditioners, 10 Oils, and 3 Lotions.. MAJOR improvement! 

My plan is to stay committed to my "Product Freeze" until I am down to my very last, but with the Natural Hair Care Expo coming in town this weekend, its going to be REALLY hard..but hopefully I won't do too much damage :)
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