Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snip, Snip! A Little Trim

This past weekend, TB let me trim a few of his locs where there was ingrown lint that we couldn't get out.  And as you can see, there is a Sisterlock in there.... See what had happened was.... 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Why I Embrace Natural Hair and Reject Weave"

I thought this was a beautiful poem about the mentality of our current society and natural hair. 

Poem By: Kla Enigma (@KlaEnigma)

What are your thoughts on the poem?

Geisha Bun, Finally!

One of my Hair Goals for 2012 [HERE] was to achieve a Geisha Bun after I saw a picture on Tumblr [HERE] with a gorgeous set of Sisterlocks pulled up into that style. Now finally, in May of 2012, my Sisterlocks are long enough to achieve this look!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi-Lites in My Sisterlocks

A few weeks ago, I had this sudden urge for something different with my hair, but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. After a lot of thought and research I decided to Hi-Lite my Sisterlocks! Big deal, right?!

The days leading up to my Hair Appointment (of course I went to a Salon), I was really anxious, even having nightmares about my hair. LOL! But seriously, one night I dreamt that I put conditioner in my hair and all my Sisterlocks unraveled...very traumatic, but they were all still there in the morning! So when the day finally came, I was nervous but excited for the change as well! 

Bantu Knots on TWA

One of my good friends did the Big Chop a few months ago and her TWA is starting to grow out of the "Wash-N-Go" phase and she was looking for a new style; so I suggested Bantu Knots. They're relatively  easy to do and give great curl definition when you take them out. She was skeptical of doing them, so of course I volunteered to do her first set for her! 

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