Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Geisha Bun, Finally!

One of my Hair Goals for 2012 [HERE] was to achieve a Geisha Bun after I saw a picture on Tumblr [HERE] with a gorgeous set of Sisterlocks pulled up into that style. Now finally, in May of 2012, my Sisterlocks are long enough to achieve this look!

This style is now one of my "go-to" styles when I want to pull my hair off of my face. Especially now that my Sisterlocks are getting really thick, having them out is a lot to manage, LOL! 

Have you tried the Geisha Bun? Share pics on the CurlyNuGrowth Facebook Page [HERE]!


  1. I'm a bun fanatic, so I love this. I'm guessing the placement makes it a "geisha" bun and not just a normal one?

    1. :) ...its just a bun, puff, pineapple...it has many different names, but i like "geisha" bun best lol


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