Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snip, Snip! A Little Trim

This past weekend, TB let me trim a few of his locs where there was ingrown lint that we couldn't get out.  And as you can see, there is a Sisterlock in there.... See what had happened was.... 

First, back to TB's Locs. He has been growing his locs for almost 6 years, 4 of which he wasn't protecting them very well at night, and as a result there was lint build-up in the tips. I tried to get most of it out but for some of them it was trapped. So he let me trim the stubborn tips.

You can also see how inside there is some buildup from using beeswax to retwists when he first started his locs. I only trimmed about 15 of his locs and because his locs are already different lengths, you can barely tell. 

After Trim

Then, after his cleansing trim, I got a little scissor happy, LOL. You see that little Sisterlock that sticks out from all the others? 

The skinny piece was growing from the settled bud and so I figured I'd let the bud flourish and trim off the skinny piece...

With one quick snip, the little guy was in my hand. I must admit I was a little sad I cut it off afterwards, and needless to say that was the only piece of my hair I cut, but the back of my hair is more uniform now. 

Have you ever gotten a little scissor happy? 


  1. Yes! LOL. I just clipped about a dozen tips off my locs that were driving me insane. I feel so much better and no one else can tell the difference! I used an(unused!) toenail clipper, it was exactly the right size for the job.

    1. LOL!! I don't know about using a toe clipper, you should always use dedicated hair shears to cut hair.

    2. Yes. I snip my locs frequently when there are weak ends and suggest it to my clients (those that allow scissors near their hair) that they allow a trim when needed.

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