Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Hair Color!

Retightening Time: 3.5 Hours
Sisterlocks Age: 19 Months

Coloring my Sisterlocks was a major decision and is going to require a lot more care than normal. If you're curious about the process I went through to Hi-Lite my Sisterlocks, you can check out this post [HERE]. I've also recently brought some of the Sisterlocks Reconstructor Conditioner to help my Sisterlocks during this phase with permanent color, but I haven't tried it yet. To be honest, I'm nervous to try it because I haven't had conditioner in my hair in more than a year in a half! 

However, my Sisterlock Consultant says that my hair has really settled in and should be able to handle an application of conditioner, so we'll see. She's also noticed that my Sisterlocks are REALLY swelling up in the back and I notice it as well. It takes my hair FOREVER to dry now, but I love the results from my curly sets. 

Overall, my Sisterlocks are maturing well and I am really enjoying the journey. Check out my latest vlog [HERE] learn about some of the other things I've changed in my regimen! 

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