Saturday, March 24, 2012

[RECAP] 2012 Baltimore Natural Hair Expo

I had an AMAZING time at the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo! I met a lot of great vendors & stylists and a few of my CurlyNuGrowth supporters came up to me and said "Hi!"; it was great! 

Check out some of the pictures I snapped at the event and also a few video clips! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Asha Mandela, the women with the World's longest locs! She was really nice and also shared a few of the products she makes and uses on her hair. Of course, I brought some! I think products from a women with 19 feet of healthy hair, must have a great hair care secret!

I also met the Founders of BlackAloes, a health and wellness shop. They were selling handmade soaps, oils, and wellness products. I purchased a few soaps and I can't wait to try them! 

Aziza Yasmine of AIIZ Naturals was doing on the spot Loc styles for men and women and I managed to catch a video of her amazing work. 

The style came out beautifully! I might try to recreate it on my Sisterlocks, but I might need Aziza to do it for me!

Glenn, the President of Woollylocks, introduced himself to me and showed me the lastest in protective covering for locs. Check out his head covering, it has a drawstring closure so your locs and be completely covered or exposed & off your face. 

Not only did I meet a lot of vendors, I saw some beautiful hairstyles as well! 

Loc Updo

Intricate Loc Styling

Bantu Knots

Mom & Daughter with Sisterlocks
I was so happy to meet people that have been reading my blog & watching my videos! I appreciate the love and support! 

Her Sisterlocks were fabulous!! I love the color! 

The World's largest Afro was also in the building! So not only the longest locs, but the largest afro too!

As you exited the main area, the Naptural Bill of Rights were on display! I love them!!

Overall, I had an amazing time! And if you missed it this year, defintiely be on the look out for it this year and/or come to Happy Nappy Day in July (more information later) or check if there is a Natural Hair Expo in your area [HERE]

All product reviews and accessories will be posted shortly on here and all health and beauty product reviews will be on my personal blog, Neosoul & Tea [HERE]. 


  1. Wow, seems like you made lots of great contacts. That mom and daughter pair look like they could be sisters.

    Did you get to speak with the afro Guiness Book record holder?

    1. Yeah, I met a lot of dope people! I didn't get to speak with Aevin but her 'fro was amazing!

  2. I was there helping with class registrations. We may have met

  3. Awesome recap, Jojo! I'm going to share this on our FB fan page!


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