Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DC / Maryland / Virginia Natural Hair Salon Tour!

For the Spring/Summer I am putting together a Natural Hair Salon Tour with my NuGrowth Meetups group! The first stop on the tour is this Sunday, April 1st!

From the #NuGrowthChat & #HGKWW Chats on Twitter and talking with people during meetups, I've learned that a lot of women & men don't go to the hair salon because they're either not comfortable with a salon because they've never been or don't know what to expect. Dispelling these issues is something that I hope to achieve during this 2012 Salon Tour as well as helping people to find a salon close to home if they need services. 

If you're interested in having your Salon added to the tour or want to share the Salon you go to, send me an email at jojo@curlynugrowth.com.

To RSVP to the first stop on the Salon Tour, view the details [HERE]

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