Monday, March 26, 2012

Loc Soc vs. Dreadsock: Which Is Best For Protecting Your Locs?

Protecting your locs at night is very important, especially if you want to retain moisture and prevent lint from getting trapped in your locs. One of the most common ways to protect your hair at night is with a satin bonnet, but how many men with locs will wear a satin bonnet? Or how many women have really long locs that don't fit into a satin bonnet? The Loc Soc and/or Dreadsock seek to solve that problem.

I've had a Loc Soc since I first got my Sisterlocks in 2010, but as my Sisterlocks got longer, they started to stick out the Loc Soc and I noticed more and more lint in my hair. I also brought TB an XL Loc Soc and his locs always hung out of the bottom, leaving lint in his tips. Then, I stumbled upon the Dreadsock and ordered us both one immediately! TB has since given up completely on the Loc Soc and wears the Dreadsock, or Loc Bag as he calls it, faithfully. I still wear my Loc Soc because my Sisterlocks aren't quite long enough to fit comfortably in the Dreadsock (they clump in one area), but I'll grow into it. 

Check out the quick video comparison of the Dreadsock versus the Loc Soc.

UPDATE (2014): The Dreadsock was working well but after several washes and constant wear, it became really stretched out of shape and no longer stayed on overnight. We've since switched to using Du-Bags! You can check out the review [HERE] or try it out for yourself [HERE]! 
How do you protect your locs are night?


  1. Hi! I've seen the dreadsock website... but where can one purchase the loc soc? Have you purchased it online? Also, regarding the dreadsock, how has it held up over washes? Still determining whether I should purchase this and give up my satin cap! ha ha. :)

    1. Hey! The Loc Soc is available on their website, Then both can go in the washer and dryer with no problems,

  2. This is great to protect locks, but no matter what locks can be fixed,taken out,removed,combed out and detangled safely.

    No matter how long your hair has been locked, the Take Down Remover Cream was designed to remove dreadlocks fast, easy and without out hair loss/damage.

    You will have some hair shedding, but your hair will be so soft and moisturized after using the cream. check out their site


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