Monday, March 26, 2012

Pipe Cleaners Set Tutorial

I achieved this curly set by using Pipe Cleaners (yes the things we used to play with as a kid) and I must say, 3rd time is a charm. My previous experiences with Pipe Cleaners [HERE] weren't that pleasant, even though they always produce nice curls I'd lose so much hair. But this time around, none of the Pipe Cleaners got stuck and needed to be ripped from my head, YAY!

In order to set your hair on Pipe Cleaners, you first need to turn the pipe cleaners into 'Pipe Cleaner Rollers'. This is a really simple two-step process. Check out the 'How to Make Pipe Cleaner Rollers' video [HERE] for a quick tutorial.

After you have about 30-40 Pipe Cleaner Rollers, you can begin setting your hair on them. I personally use relatively small sections, but you could use larger sections if you wanted because the pipe cleaners are so small the curls will always be tight. The most important step with a Pipe Cleaner set, is in taking out the Pipe Cleaner. You always want to unravel the Pipe Cleaner Roller in the direction of the curl or else the pattern will be lost and your hair will be sticking up all over the place.

Check out the 'Pipe Cleaners Set Hairstyle Tutorial' [HERE] to see exactly what I'm talking about.


  1. Love your sisterlocks! What size are they?

    1. Thank you! They're regular size, with the standard 1 inch base.

  2. These methods were rather unrefined and many times, such crude techniques ended up burning and damaging hair. hair straightening


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