Friday, August 14, 2009

What's your favorite style?!

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If you look at my previous post, reviewing Pretty Natural LLC's Shampoo and Aubrey Organics Conditioner, then you know I just shampooed and conditioned my hair, but I also twisted it back up! I love wearing twists..its so protective!!

I washed my hair with the Pretty Natural shampoo 3 times because I had a lot of build-up from all the shea butter I was using in my twist-out over the past two days and this shampoo definitely cleansed my hair and scalp! Another great thing, was that it left my hair really soft, it was not drying, and my curls were really defined!! I am in LOVE with this shampoo, and can't wait to try the entire system, including the conditioner!!

After the Pretty Nautral, LLC shampoo, I applied a generous amount of Aubrey Organics Conditioner and combed it through my hair with the wide tooth comb. Initially, my hair did not feel super soft, so I applied a small amount of Karen's Body Beautiful Herbal Conditioner as well. I put on a shower cap and let the mix sit for 4 hours (i feel asleep). I then rinsed it out and my hair was soooooooooooo soft!!

I then used my 'Twist Mix' (see older post) to twist my hair into several medium twists! I usually keep these in for 2-3 days and then wear my twist out for a day or two (re-twisting each night)..i think this keeps my hair moisturized and protected!

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