Saturday, July 11, 2009

Product "PJ" Junkie Discovery...Oyin Handmade

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So, maybe I'm behind the ball, but where did Oyin Handmade (check them out at !!) come from?! I just happened to stumble onto their site, and my newly found "PJ" personality went crazy!! I watched a few vids on Youtube about Oyin Handmade and read EVERY hair product description from the website!! I am really excited...especially since they are local...YESSS!!!!

Since I will be in Baltimore tomorrow for 'Happy Nappy Day' I chose not to make the drive out there today, but I will be ordering my products online tonight or tomorrow!! =)

I think I am going to order the:
  • Burnt Sugar Hair Pomade
  • Greg Juice Herbal Leave-In Conditioner
  • Uber Poo Bar
  • Honey Hemp Conditioner

Whoo...I can't wait!! =) ..i hope its as GREAT as it sounds & looks!!

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