Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Havana Twists on Locs

After I installed the "Marley Twists" on my sister's relaxed hair, I challenged myself to try to install them on my locs. I was going to use the Marley braid hair but because its fine and I would have had to use a lot of strands (and packs of hair) I choose to use the Havana Hair. The Havana hair is thicker than the Marley braid hair and it has more volume which made it a lot easier to cover my locs. I used 3-4 strands of Havana Hair per twists, whereas with the Marley Braid hair I would have had to use at least 5 strands to camouflage my locs.

So after about 2 hours and about 2 bundles of Havana Hair, I have Havana Twists over my locs. Check out the video update [HERE] to see them in action and for more deets.

Did you ever think Havana Twists (or Marley Twists) were possible on locs?

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