Monday, July 5, 2010

Henna & Tea: Hair-Dyeing Duo !!

We've moved to!

Check out the post on the new website, "Make Your Henna Hair Color Vibrant". 


  1. I just purchased his henna and plan on using it with red zinger tea as well. Did you sit under a dryer when you did it? How long did you leave it in? Any before-after pics? I'm really curious to see how it might affect my hair, which is already dark brown.

  2. @AnayahRose I didn't sit under the dryer, I left it on for a few hours...only because I had to go somewhere..but about 1 hour should be good. I just recorded a video doing it 2 days ago, which I will be posting soon with pics :)

  3. hi! were you able to post the before/after pics and video of your hair after Henna/Tea? i'm really interested...

  4. @Anonymous Here is the link to the video tutorial I did with the Henna & Tea. MY natural hair color is dark brown and it really lightened my hair to a light brown, however because it is a semi-permanent color you can really only see the light tint in the light it is not a drastic color change like using permanent chemical hair dyes.

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