Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st Annual Sisterlocks Explosion

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You read it right, 1st Annual! Now that I am apart of the Sisterlocks revolution, it is right on time that the first ever Sisterlock convention is happening in a little over a month in Atlanta, GA! I just found out about it and I definitely want to attend...It's not everyday that you get to experience the beginning of something I know will be great, especially in years to come.

Don't despair if you don't have Sisterlocks, or are newly natural, or even transitioning to natural hair because the Sisterlocks Explosion is open to everyone! And it gets even better, if you buy your tickets online now its only $15 to get in ($20 at the door)! That's a steal. The Sisterlock Explosion will have plenty of vendors, presenters, food, and an all around good time for just $15/$20, but if you are looking for more, there will be several classes offered as well.

The classes are $50 if you register online and $60 if you register at the event, but space is limited and may not be available the day of. There are 3 classes being offered Styling Techniques, Lock Rescue and Care, and Coloring Your Natural Locks. The Styling Techniques class will give tips for newly natural hair, loose natural hair, and loc'd hair...there is something for everyone! The Coloring Your Natural Locks class is open to everyone as well and will cover coloring Sisterlocks, as well as, loose natural hair. The only class where you must have Sisterlocks or be a Sisterlock Consultant is the Lock Rescue and Care class. All in all, there are two great classes that are open to everyone and will benefit everyone and one class for the Sisterlock'd sistahs.

The Sisterlock Explosion will also have Gala in the evening that is only $65. That will be really interesting to attend and see all the elegant styles other woman with natural hair and Sisterlocks come up with!

This is just a snippet of what is being offered, there is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more that is going to be there! For a full rundown of everything and to purchase your tickets go to

I made an invite video [HERE], and I hope to see you there, because I will definitely be there!

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  1. I would love to attend that Styling Techniques class! Please take plenty of pictures (and sneak in a camcorder if you can! lol)

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