Thursday, October 21, 2010

Huetiful Hair Steamer Product Review

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  1. i am in full agreement! I love the's making my journey a healthy one.

  2. I really can't wait until I get mine. It should be here this week! Your hair is beautiful!

  3. Can we see someone with kinky hair? I'd be happy with the hair before it was steamed!!

  4. I got the huetiful steamer for my 24th Bday this month and I have to say it let me down completely. Now with that being said I only used it once so far , I do plan on doing things a little different next time like using distill water instead of tap, I won't add any essential oils( I used a drop or two of Rosemary oil), the only thing I won't change is this conditioner( honey and sage by allikay naturals, which I love by the way ) and I will not use a clarifying shampoo.
    Recently I started using the hydrathrema naturals line and it worked wonders for my hair( at first) ,but then it did exactly the opposite so I was looking for a
    way to regain moisture to my hair so into the next time I try the steamer I will be laying off the protein as I have been focusing lately ( to see where it stands
    with my hair and they don't get along so much, especially too much of it)
    So I guess I want to know is there any pro huetiful steamer users out there who now already what to do or anyone with 4b/4c type hair who's mastered the art of

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