Friday, December 24, 2010

Sisterlocks 10 Week Update

We've moved to!

Check out the post on the new website, "Sisterlocks 10 Week Update". 


  1. Yeo, I can definitely see them settling and thickening up.

    Great job and here's to continued progress in the new year.

  2. i've been natural since 2002 and usually just wash-n-go. but recently, i've been encouraged to get a "straw set". have you ever tried that before? and what are your thoughts of straw sets w/natural hair?
    also, have you ever perm. dyed your natural hair? i've been encouraged to do so and to avoid the "waste of time" using natural/henna colorants.

  3. @Anonymous I've had a straw set looks just like Flexi-Rods or more closely a Coil-Out... they all produce the same type of curl. I've also used permanent hair color in my hair before I was natural and it severally damaged my hair and caused my ends to split. Permanent hair color is really harsh on your hair because it alters your hair cuticle, thus your hair will never be like it was before the color unless you cut it off. My advice, unless you are planning to take extra care with you hair (constant deep conditioning and regular trimmings) I would stick with henna or at most the chemical semi-permanent color.

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