Thursday, July 21, 2011

Check out the Natural Hair iPhone App: Curls on the Go

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I recently discovered an app by called "Curls on the Go". The app gives product recommendations, reviews, helps you to locate a hair salon, and features the Frizz Forecast™.

Curls on the Go Startup Screen

The app can be quite useful while you are out shopping for new products. It lists different categories of products like Shampoos & Conditioners, Hair Coloring, and Keratin Treatments, just to name a few, and then allows you to view information about products in that category.

For example, if you are looking for a new shampoo, when you click on "Shampoos & Cleansers" the sub-categories include Sulfate-Free Shampoos, Clarifying Shampoos, and Dry Shampoos.  Within the Sulfate-Free listings you get 320 products like SheaMoisture Moisture Retention shampoo & OyinHandmade Honey Wash that include reviews and product ratings.

Curls on the Go Product section

There is also a section to find a hair salon. This feature allows you to search for salons based on your location and returns the name, address, and phone number. What's even better is that you can leave a review for the salon or read other reviews!

Curls on the Go Salon Finder

The featured functionality of the Curls on the Go app is the Frizz Forecast™. The Frizz Forecast™ allows you to select your hair type and then based on either a specific location or your current location it will provide you with how the weather conditions will effect your hair. It doesn't stop there though, Curls on the Go also gives you product recommendations to help you during the expected weather conditions. So cool! ☂

Curls on the Go Frizz Forecast

The other great thing about the Curls on the Go app is that it is for everyone! You can chose from all of the hair types ranging from 2a - 4c and get all of the great features (Salon Finder, Product Reviews, and the Frizz Forecast™)!

Curls on the Go: Hair Type finder

 Head over to [HERE] to check out the Curls on the Go app for yourself! You can also grab it directly from the iTunes store [HERE].

 If you have the Curls on the Go app, please share your experience, comments, or recommendations...

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