Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hair Diary: Side Swoop & Braid Outs!

In the beginning of this month, I styled my hair in a Lochawk for the 2nd Annual DMV Natural Hair Meetup. 

I loved this style and even planned to keep it in for a few weeks, but needless to say I took it out within a few days, LOL. If you're curious about why I took it down, check out the Sisterlocks Vlog #39 update [HERE].

So in the process of taking out the Lochawk, I stumbled upon another style...The Side Swoop... which I LOVE!

After a few days wearing my curls out, it was time for a shampoo and I decided to try another style I haven't done in a while. On wet hair, I braided several plaits and because it was the middle of the day, I pinned them up into ringlets so I could leave the house (so I didn't look too crazy, lol).

The next day, I took out the plaits and Viol√° a Braid Out! 

Later on that night, I went out on a date and the infamous "Side Swoop" appeared, LOL! 

I think the Side Swoop is my latest hair obsession...what's yours? 


  1. Buns are and have always been my obsession. I just did s post on some new beauties I discovered and will be trying out some of my own soon.

    BTW, love the purple. It complements your skin well.

  2. Your hairstyle is cool specially "Side Swoop".
    Thanks for your time and another brilliant style.
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  3. I love the side swoop! It looks really good on you!Can't wait to see your next "discovery". LOL

    1. Thank you! :) I think I have an idea on what I'm going to try next...


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