Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Recap] Natural Connection Meetup By Zarah Charm

This past weekend I was in Baltimore for The Natural Connection Meetup hosted by Natural Hair Stylist Zarah Charm. 

The meetup was held at Na'klectic Salon and as soon as I walked it I felt welcomed. There were refreshments, door prizes, swag bags, friendly people and an overall great atmosphere...not to mention fly natural hair styles! 

Zarah kicked off the event with a brief introduction, discussion about the products she used in her hair for the meetup, and some tips for transitioning. 

Zarah also brought in a few hair models to showcase some protective and transitioning styles for ladies. 

After showcasing the styles, she brought the Blogger Panel up to share our hair stories and answering any questions that the audience had. 

The panel was a lot of fun and the ladies definitely had a lot of questions and concerns, but I think our collective experiences really helped to inspire some of the women. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay until the end but I had a good time and on the way home (in traffic) I had a mini-photoshoot, LOL.


  1. Aw man, I wish I had known about this :(
    On another note, your hair looks fabulous!!!


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