Thursday, September 5, 2013

8 Month Loc Update

My babies are now 8-Months old and I'm amazed by the growth and maturity of them already! When I had my Sisterlocks they were barely even close to loc'ing at this time so that's a major difference I'm noticing. I did manage to last the entire 4 weeks without shampooing my locs (Yay!) but I did touch up a few locs on my edges so that I'd at least look half decent, lol.

I also discovered ingredients to formulate a "Loc Accelerator" ... Have y'all heard of this before? I mixed some up myself and have been using it for the past week... It's probably too soon to review but I like it so far.

For a closer look at my locs and more details about what's going on check out my latest vlog update [HERE].

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