Monday, September 9, 2013

New Haircolor & Marley Twists!

Yeah... I know what you're thinking, "She colored her hair again?!" .... (hides behind computer screen)... Yeah BUT see what had happened was... Ok in all honesty I was bored, bored with that red-violet color so I took my hair back to its natural medium brown color and I'm going to leave it alone for awhile. Promise!

After my new color, I decided to give the crochet Marley hair another go and this time create Marley Twists once the hair was in. Instead of just using black or a "natural shade" I used Blue and Salt & Pepper Marley Hair as highlights instead. Personally, I really like the combo but my fiancé says I look old with the Salt & Pepper hair... He'll get used to it, lol. My plan is to leave the Marley Twists in for at least two weeks, preferably four weeks, but even two weeks is commendable lol.

Check out the Marley Twists in action in this quick little clip [HERE]...

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  1. I have baby locs that are 1 month old today and are about 2 to 3 inches in length. Mine are also salt & pepper in some areas, which I would like to color. What are your recommendations for hair coloring? DIY or professional? Henna? If DIY, any particular brands? Thanks, Tameka.


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