Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nappturalite Radio Recap: What’s The Big Deal About Shea Butter?

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I hope everyone tuned into the Nappturalite Radio show this past Sunday for the "What's The Big Deal About Shea Butter?" discussion and to hear me Co-Hosting! But if not, don't fret you can listen to the entire show [HERE].

There were also great guests that appeared on the show including Richelieu Dennis, CEO of Shea Moisture, Anthony Dickey, Celebrity Stylist & Hair Rules Rep, and Sharri Neal, Founder of the Natural Hair T-shirt line Bon Bon Vie. Another special treat that aired during the show was music by Nik West, the Naturalista that rocks the Bass!

I definitely encourage you to check out the "What's the Big Deal About Shea Butter?" show because you'll learn so many new things! Did you know some people are allergic to Shea Butter? --I didn't know that until this past Sunday!

After you check out the show, let me know any other things that you learn...

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