Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nappturalite Radio Recap: Owning a Natural Hair Beauty Supply!

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If you're interested in getting into the Natural Hair Community, but don't want to start a blog or product line, then a great market with potential is Beauty Supply. Check out this week's featured guest, Prof. Devin Robinson, founder of the Beauty Supply Institute, as he shares insider knowledge on how Blacks can own and operate their own beauty supply stores.

Also, you'll learn more about the upcoming "Natural is Not a Fad" event hosted by Koils By Nature, taking place this Saturday, October 15th in Maryland.

You definitely want to listen into the segment by Naikeya Haley of Natural Nina, as she discusses "Hand In My Hair Syndrome" which I know a lot of us naturals suffer from!

You can listen to this week's past shows and all previous shows on and be sure to share what you learned...

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