Friday, October 21, 2011

[Recap] Koils By Nature's "Natural is Not a Fad" Event

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Last weekend, I attended the Koils By Nature's "Natural is Not a Fad" event with Alex of TheGoodHairBlog and our friend Dee.

I had a great time, even though we arrived for only the last hour and a half, it was well worth it! We were able to see and meet the models from the Fashion Show, which rocked the most beautiful Loc styles and fashions!

French Roll with Swoosh Bangs

Wedding Hairstyle

And of course, there were a few vendors there selling all natural hair and body products, as well as jewelry, makeup, and other accessories. I brought a pair of earrings from Jeannetta of I'Me and a soy candle from Burning SoySations.

Jeannetta of I'Me

Burning SoySations Candle

Before we left, we checked out one of the main events, which was a presentation by The Damn Salon and Jess, of HairGetsKinkyWhenWet, got damned! The hairstyle they gave her was fierce and she rocked it!!

Jess of

While we were in the main event, the giveaway raffle was being held, and guess who won?! Me!! I won a bag featuring a few travel containers, a spray bottle, and a Loc Hairstyle magazine!

My Winnings!

Overall, the event was a lot of fun I had a great time. Afterwards, the ladies and I went out for a night out and it was the perfect way to cap off the evening!

You can check out the recap video I made about the event [HERE].

I hope to see some of you ladies at future events! And if you're interested in purchasing earrings by I'Me, visit her website at

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