Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Recap] Embracing Your Beauty Natural Hair Extravaganza Event

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I woke up early to get to the Embracing Your Beauty Natural Hair Extravaganza by the 11 AM start time because the organizers announced they'd be giving away goodie bags to the first 100 attendees! And guess what? I snagged one!

After getting my goody bag, I met up with SouthernGryl, a fellow naturalista & member of my NuGrowth Meetups group. She was rocking the must beautiful flower in the back of her Bantu Knot out and everyone was amazed by it, even me!

After taking a few pictures with the other attendees, we went inside to check out the vendors. Of course, we stopped by to see Art of NaturalNouNou's Boutique, and her booth was one of the best! She brought pretty much every product to the event and it was a good thing she did because they were selling like crazy!

There were lots of vendors and by 11:30, just 30 minutes after opening the doors, there was a great turnout of women in the building!

Everyone arrived just in time for the "Defining Your Curls" informational session and the first giveaway! SouthernGyrl & I headed into the room where the session was taking place and we got pretty good seats near the front.

After the giveaway, Karen Wilson, Natural Hairstylist [pictured above in the middle], gave a great presentation and live demonstration on "Defining Your Curls". I was live tweeting from the event to share some of the tips that she shared. One of the products that she highly recommended was a gel called "My Gel".

We didn't stay for the whole presentation, but instead went out to check out some more vendors while the majority of the crowds were in the presentation. I was able to meet with Nadira of Adiva Naturals and grab some great products for locs. She was really nice and provided some great information about Locs & Sisterlocks.

I picked up some Cleansing Herbal Rinse and the Skin & Scalp Rebuilder from Adiva Naturals. And after speaking with Nadira, she told me about the "Happily Natural Day" event going on down the street so I had to check that out as well, be sure to check out that recap [HERE].

Overall, the Embracing Your Beauty Natural Hair Extravaganza was really nice and well put together. I found some nice vendors and purchased a few products.

I definitely would recommend this event in the future and hope to see some of you there for the next one!

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