Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Recap] Happily Natural Day

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I didn't even know about this event until the day of, but I am sooo glad I got the chance to attend! Nadira of Adiva Naturals referred me to this event from the Embracing Your Beauty Natural Hair Extravaganza after we chatted for a few about Locs and natural hair care.

The event was held in Richmond, VA at the Family Trinity Life Center and as soon as I walked in I felt the family vibe and openness. It was a great feeling! The vendors that were present were AMAZING! There were unique crochet hats & bags, extravagant loc jewelry, delicious incents and fragrances, and so much more!

I was trying really hard not to spend any money, but when I spotted the "Woodcrafts by O'Banion's" booth, I couldn't resist! The table featured the most beautiful hand-craved wooden creations, from Ahkhs to African Clocks and even mirrors that featured a young girl with curly hair. I loved everything!

As you can see, there were a lot of beautiful creations, but the one thing that I couldn't leave the event without was a Light Oak Duafe Hand Mirror. I couldn't leave there without the Duafe mirror because it features a part of the CurlyNuGrowth logo & it was beautifully made!

If you're interested in checking out the recap video, you can view it on my YouTube channel [CurlyNuGrowth] or below...

Overall, the event was very family-oriented, beautiful, and inviting. I will absolutely be attending this event next year and I hope that some of you can join me! If you want to stay abreast of other things that features Happily Nappy Day, check out their website at

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