Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Recap] Return of the Curls: Taming the Beast

This past week in Richmond, VA one of the best Natural Hair events that I've ever been to took place, Return of the Curls: Taming the Beast! I say this was one of the best events because there was constantly something to do or learn, whether it was attending a workshop, watching live demonstrations, or meeting vendors & retail owners the day was fun and exciting! 

Bloggers from the Curly Girl Blogger Panel & Host Keenya Kelly. 

I kicked off the day as one of the featured bloggers on the Curly Girl Blogger Panel, alongside NaturallyCreole, Frostoppa, NaturallyGlam and Fashion Blogger Maiya. 

After the panel, I checked out the vendors and met a lot of great people! 

Steph of iSimplyCare & I

The workshops were my next stop... Felicia Leatherwood held a packed workshop on behalf of Shea Moisture and shared some really great haircare tips!

One of the biggest highlights for me was meeting Karen of the first natural hair care line I tried, Karen's Body Beautiful. She was really sweet and her workshop was inspiring.

After the workshops, it was time for the live Big Chop on stage & the Fashion Show. 

I think she liked her new haircut; I definitely thought it looked good on her! The Fashion Show was up next and it was definitely FIERCE!!

I can't post all the pictures of the Fashion Show on here because the post would be insanely long, but you can check them out on the CurlyNuGrowth Facebook page [HERE].

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