Friday, September 7, 2012

Co-Hosting The Nappturalite Radio Show!

I hope you all tuned into Nappturalite Radio last night because if you did, you would have heard me Co-Hosting the show with Dawn! This was my third appearance on the show and definitely one of my favorites. 

The topic of the show was "The Journey Back: Transitioning Back to Your Natural Curl" and in addition to Co-Hosting, I presented the "Haute Seat" segment. Since the show was centered around transitioning, I decided to share a few of my favorite transitioning styles and also what styles do not work for transitioning. Following my segment was the interview with Dr. Kari Williams, Licensed Trichologist, Hair Stylist & Educator; and if you've never heard of her go to her website NOW [HERE]! Dr. Williams not only shared valuable tips for transitioning she also talked a lot about scalp health...on a microscopic level. Her interview was very enlightening and she even has a new e-Book out that I plan on reading very soon! 

The show also featured the monthly entrepreneurial segment with Kumi Rauf, Creator of I Love Being Black and a spotlight chat with Tanya Wright, Actress & Star of True Blood. So in case you missed the episode, click "Play" below or visit

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What did you learn from the show? What is/was your favorite transitioning style?

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