Friday, September 7, 2012

New Color! A Subtle Purple

I must say, the WEN Conditioning Shampoo has kept my color for the longest time! Literally I've had the same color in for about 8 weeks and its just now starting to fade. Normally, when I was using the Sisterlocks™ Shampoo or the Taliah Waajid Shampoo my color would easily start fading within 2-3 weeks. So after 8 weeks with this color, I decided to try something new. 

Before Refreshing Color

The color that I had in my hair was the Adore Violet Gem and I wanted to try something a little darker and subtle. So I picked up the Adore African Violet and Rich Fuchsia. 

When I mixed them together, it was a pretty purple color....

After applying the color to my hair, the color was more or less what I was looking for...a deep purple with subtle violet accents. 

It looks really dark, almost like my hair is dark brown, but then in the sun and well-lit rooms the purple jumps out! 

I LOVE it and I enjoy the reactions I get from people when they have to do a double-take and ask "Is your hair purple?!" LOL! 


  1. Did you apply this to every loc?

    1. Yes, this is just a semi-permanent color.

  2. Did you bleach your locs first or are those the results from being applied directly to your natural hair color?


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