Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sisterlocks Big Chop Experience

I did the Big Chop on my Sisterlocks the other night and I feel SO happy!!! I wasn't expecting it to be so soon, I don't think anyone was, but I just had to…

I was ready. Let me tell you how Saturday went…

10AM: I was trying to style my hair for a very important event and my Sisterlocks were not cooperating. I must have tried about 3 styles before I decided to just wear them down.
11AM - 3PM: Thoughts to myself… "I can't wait to cut my hair…"
4PM: Thinking to myself again… "Hmmm I wonder if I just cut some in the back…?"

8PM: I cut one Sisterlock in the middle of my head. Then, I sent a message to TB and told him I am going to cut my hair off tonight. He was really supportive and encouraging of my decision.  
 9PM: I cut another Sisterlock in the front thinking that if I cut one in the front area there would be no turning back. After I cut it, I combed it out and it actually blended so I could have stopped there…but I didn't…

10PM: I cut three more Sisterlocks in the back row and tried to comb them out. It was pretty difficult. Then I decided to leave them along and cut myself some bangs…please don't ask what give me this thought…

10:30PM: I took a large portion of hair in the front and attempted to cut bangs. I ended up cutting them too short and they were sticking up like a Cow-Tonuge, lol. Needless to say I had to cut them all, so I went scissor happy!

11PM: All but two of my Sisterlocks were on the floor and I had a mini-Sisterlock fro.

Since I wanted to keep some length, I then spent the rest of the night and a good part of the morning combing the rest of the Sisterlocks out. It was a MAJOR task, but I was dedicated. During the process, I washed my hair about 4 times and used conditioner to soften and loosen my Sisterlocks to make it easier to comb out.

After 10 long hours, including the shampoos and sitting under the Huetiful Hair Steamer to let the conditioner penetrate even more, my Sisterlocks were out. I felt so good, like I was renewed!

I am going to get my hair trimmed this week and let it strengthen for a few weeks (maybe) before I start my Traditional Locs, either way I am really excited about my new journey.


  1. Love it. You have a pretty face; this shows it off.

  2. cool. will you still work towards being a sisterlock consultant or are you no longer interested in that form of locing?

    1. Yes I am still a Sisterlocks Consultant and absolutely love Sisterlocks!

  3. I am really inspired by your Big Chop. Lately I have been considering taking down my sisterlocks and restarting them but I think I'll do the big chop and go afro for a while. I found this loctician in my area who does traditional locs and I think if I'm locking my hair again, it's going to be traditional locs.

    ...wishing you lots of success on your next journey.

    1. Thank you and best wishes to you and whichever decision you make! xo


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