Saturday, October 27, 2012

[Tutorial] Multi-Color Loc Wrap

By popular demand, lol! I know I've been promising this tutorial for a while now and it is finally up! The Loc Wrap is fairly easy to do and all you'll need are a pair of scissors and your choice of embroidery thread.

I personally use the Loc Wrap to control the frizz around my edges, but you can also add a Loc Wrap to your hair for fun! From my experience, the Loc Wrap does not interfere with the loc'ing process and it can be kept in for months. 

The current Loc Wrap I have has survived 2 shampoos over the past month and is still going strong. The first Loc Wrap I ever created only last about a week and a half before it unraveled after my shampoo. With that said, it takes practice to get it just right! 

If you add a Loc Wrap to your hair, I'd love to see it!


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