Monday, April 15, 2013

Hair Diary: Shiny Dry Retwist

I'm still on the search for a really good retwist product, sadly the As I Am Smoothing Gel isn't doing the job (review coming soon), and in order to find you have to explore. So today in class we had free time to create a freestyle look on our mannequins or work on each other and I took advantage of working on myself and trying some products, lol. Even though I retwisted my locs last week with the new color [HERE] it was a loose retwist and a week later its pretty frizzy and unraveled so I thought I'd see what the Aveda products could do. I was impressed! 

I was just experimenting, and I mixed the Brillant Universal Styling Creme with the Humectant Pomade and the results on dry hair were amazing shine, moisturized hair, and a decent hold. I chose these two products because I've heard good things about the Aveda Brillant product line overall and I just wanted to give them a try. 

The Humectant Pomade is a clear solid and is primarily used for attracting moisture into the hair and adding shine. 

The Universal Styling Creme is a opaque liquid that emulsifies really easily and is infused with jojoba oil and used for shine, moisture and definition. 

Again, this was done on dry hair and after I took the clips out there was some hold but not that much. I would still use this combo together for a retwist in the future, but I also invested in the Pure-formance Pomade which is designed for a strong hold and moisture. I'm excited to try out my new products on my next retwist! 

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