Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Dyed My Locs Blue!

Didn't I tell you it was time for a new color?! Well, here is my new hair color... Blue Loc Highlights! And I am in absolute LOVE!

The process to achieve the blue color was very similar to when I dyed my Sisterlocks purple [HERE], except this time I did it myself....
First, I selected which locs I wanted to highlight, which was about every other one, and then I lifted my natural hair color to blonde.  

After the first shampoo, you can see how soft and loose my curl pattern is, but my hair is still staying loc'd. I didn't even use my stocking cap and honestly I was surprised at their staying power. I know, I know you can also still see the locs that are green (*face palm*) but I was not going to lift then again because they're already blonde underneath the green semi-permanent color. 

Then I applied the blue hair color, which is semi-permanent so it will rinse out over time and I retwisted my locs. This time, I did a loose retwist because I just retwisted my locs last week, and I sat under the dryer for all of 10 minutes and then let them air dry. Normally, I sit under the dryer for 45 minutes, but I had a hot date, lol...

This was by far my best retwist thus far because it shows the thickness of my locs and you know I want big juicy locs, lol! 

And one of my favorite things about the blue hair color is that it is subtle. Indoors my hair still looks black but once I get in the sun it shows. Secretly I get a kick out of people doing on double-take at my hair, lol...don't judge me. 

When TB and I were on the train, you could hardly notice the blue, but here's an up close shot in the sun... 

It's BLUE....with a hint of green, lol! You can see more of the new color in action in my latest vlog update [HERE].  

Are you thinking of coloring your hair for the Spring / Summer? 


  1. Love it!!

  2. I'm starting to love thicker locs more and more , i started loving brotherlocks , but traditional locs FTW


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