Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the Stylist's Chair: Model Day

This "In the Stylist's Chair" is a little you may or may not know, I'm now a full-time cosmetology student at the prestigious Aveda Institute (w00t w00t) and today was our first live model day! Well, let me back track and give you some deets on the's an accelerated & advanced cosmetology curriculum encompassing hair, makeup, and nails and I started almost a month ago. So yes within the first month we've learned so many techniques and are required to execute a few of them on a live person. This is what we call "Model Day" and today was my very first one!!

Needless to say it was hectic, a class full of new stylist applying technical knowledge (for a grade) in a timed scenario. Oh, and we just learned the techniques on Monday, yeah of this week! We were critiqued on a shampoo, blow dry, and updo of the model's choice.

This is the image that my model (and good friend) selected from the options I had available....

Of course, the most intricate one, lol but I welcomed the challenge!

I went slightly over the allotted time, but not by much and being that her hair is down to the middle of her back, natural, thick, and curly I think my time was acceptable, lol. This was her final look...

As anxious as we all were about model day, I'm glad to have one in the book and I'm actually excited for the next model day... In two weeks! If you're in the DC area and open to some free hair services to help me through my program, contact me!

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