Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY or Deal With Trust Issues?

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After we go natural, many women chose to take the Do It Yourself (DIY) route and leave trips to the salon for only "complex" services. However, when there is news of Salon's putting relaxers in conditioners without the Client's consent, it makes you think twice...

Question 1: "When you're feeling blah about your hair, how do you spice it up? "

Question 2: "Do you go to the Salon to get your natural hair done? If so, for what services? If not, how come? "

Question 3: "Do you have trust issues when it comes to your natural hair?"

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  1. i have always gone to a natural hair salon. They would style my hair...I can do my own hair but I prefer to go the salon. I was blessed to have a stylist who knew what she was doing and specialized in natural hair..I always went to natural shops where the owner was natural and specialized in natural hair. The whole 3 years that I have been natural, I only straighten my hair once. But I hated it. So i would always have my hair braided in some kindof natural updo...

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