Monday, January 16, 2012

Reactions & Support to Your Natural Hair Journey

My 3 Year Napptural Anniversary is quickly approaching on January 20th and I am quite excited about reaching this milestone. And just like any other special reoccurring occasion, I am looking back to the beginning of it all and I remember the first day wearing my TWA. I went to work on Monday with my hair Flat-Ironed straight and came back on Tuesday with a short curly fro! So I want to know... 

"Are you or were you worried about your job's reaction to wearing your natural hair/locs for the first time?" 
We've moved to!


"Who's reaction was better to your Big Chop / NaturalHair… friends or family?"

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My hair was a short Bob cut on January 19, 2009...

Then on January 20th, 2009, I came to work with a short curly TWA

Overall, I received good feedback from my co-workers, and luckily I wasn't looked upon differently by my company for the change in my hair. However, some of my family members weren't as supportive. 


  1. I actually never had a big chop. I have always been natural. I just didn't wear my natural hair; it was always straightened. When I started wearing my natural hair at the newspaper, I expected my co-workers to have more to say than, "I really love what you did with your hair." I got nothing but compliments.

    A couple older black women were upset with what I was doing with my hair. But I didn't really care about their opinion. I loved my hair, and that was all that really mattered.

  2. I was worried at first about my job reactions but to my surprise my job loved my hair, along with my friends, and family. I get compliments all the time.
    And to the second question, it was pretty even. My parents have always supported everything I do. When I BC almost 3 years ago, my mom turned around and copied me three months later. I tried to explain sisterlocks to my mom but she still doesnt get it. but she loves my hair none the less. At first my friends did not want me to loc my hair bc they loved my fro, but once they saw the final results of my sisterlocks they fell in love with them.

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