Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interlocking LocsMyths' Traditional Locs

Time to Interlock: 2.5 Hours
Time since last Palm Roll: 2 Weeks
Products used to Interlock: Latch Hook & Lily of Desert Aloe Vera Gel 

There is quite a bit of nu growth as compared to the same two-week time period between retwisting last time [HERE] and this is because he has been in the gym. Because he sweats in his head and his texture is really curly, the nu growth is almost a mini afro, LOL! 

Traditional Loc after shampoo'ing

To help combat the "afro locs", I decided to interlock his nu growth. Interlocking the new growth will allow him to workout and sweat without having to worry about having too much fuzziness between the two week period. 

This session, I also tried a different shampoo on his Locs. Normally, I use the Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree shampoo, but this time I chose the Aubrey Organics Island Naturals Replenishing shampoo, which also works on Loose Natural hair [product review HERE]. I picked the Aubrey Organics Island Naturals brand because it is specifically designed for dry and frizzy hair, which in this cold weather and exercising is exactly how I would describe his hair. After 4 shampoos, I really liked how the shampoo cleansed his locs, from root to tip, and he also stated that his scalpe felt really clean. The only thing that I didn't favor about the Aubrey Organics shampoo as compared to the Dr. Bronners shampoo is the moisture retention.

Adiva Naturals Skin & Scalp Rebuilder

His locs felt pretty dry after shampoo'ing when normally they feel pretty soft and moisturized. But to counter to the "dryness" of the shampoo and also alienate any itching, I greased his scalp before Interlocking with the Adiva Naturals Skin & Scalp Rebuilder. This all-natural butter contains Tea Tree Oil and Borage Oil which has a cooling effect and also delivers a lot of moisture to the scalp; he LOVED it! 

 To interlock, I first separated the section of hair to interlock, greased the area and slightly twisted the loc.  

Twisting Traditional Loc before Interlocking
I then used the two-point pattern on most locs and with the Latch Hook, entered once East to West and then South to North. This produces an almost "braid like" effect and secures the nu growth. 

Using Latch Hook to Interlock the Traditional Loc

I then used the Aloe Vera Gel to palm roll the loc and control the frizzies from root to tip.

Before Interlocking

After Interlocking

The Interlocking process does take longer than normal palm rolling but it will also last longer, especially when doing a lot of exercising.

Have you ever tried Interlocking your Traditional Locs? Do you like the results? 


  1. I use the same technique but I can never get them as uniformly interlocked.

  2. I am on my 4th set of locs (don't ask) I'm 4months in and I interlocked them for the first time on Saturday. I've used this method in the past and am using it again. It fits my lifestyle better. I was having to palm roll/twist once a week and that can be detrimental, so I decided to go back to interlocking, it works and is the best method for MY locs.

    1. Yes, interlocking is great so that you don't have to touch up the nu growth very often. Be mindful if you have soft or thin hair because the tucking with the interlocking can cause the hair to break.


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