Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creating a Stronger Sisterlock Base

By now, I'm sure you've seen the two Sisterlocks hanging on the side of my head... I kept them after my Big Chop because they looked cool with the Loc Wraps and I didn't want to cut them. To keep them blended with my TWA, started using them as my "natural headband" to pull my hair back off my face. 

In order to create the "headband", I have to tie the Sisterlocks together in the front and push them back. This does create some tension at the base and after a week of wearing them like this, I felt like the Sisterlock on the right was weak.

Right Sisterlock

The Sisterlock on the right has less hair at the foundation than the Sisterlock on the left, and I decided that the Sisterlock on the right needed to have a foundation like the Sisterlock on the left.

Left Sisterlock

So in order to add the additional hair to the Sisterlock on the right I needed to do a retightening. Luckily, there was enough slippage to complete a full rotation. 

Right Sisterlock (Before)

After I added the additional hair to the Sisterlock on the right, the Sisterlock felt stronger, but the foundation still needs to mature and loc together. 

Right Sisterlock (After)

I've pretty much decided that I am going to keep these two Sisterlocks, even when I start my Traditional Locs, so I will keep you updated on the process of the foundation. 

Have you had to combine any of your Sisterlocks or Traditional Locs to create a stronger foundation? 

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