Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hair Diary: Curly Wash-N-Go

So this morning, I decided to try something a little different with my Wash-N-Go regimen... 

Lately, I've been using the CURLS line of Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Definier, but today I choose to use a new shampoo and leave-in/hair lotion. 

First I shampoo'd my hair the Pure Shea Store Chai Tea Shampoo Bar and the experience wasn't as amazing as I was hoping. When I tried the Chai Tea Shampoo Bar on my Sisterlocks [HERE] I felt that it was moisturizing but not cleansing; and after trying it on my loose natural hair I felt the complete opposite. My hair felt stripped because it was really cleansing and I didn't feel it left much moisturizing. Go figure.

Well after the Shampoo, I tried a new Leave-In Conditioner, Pura Body Naturals "Sapote Hair Lotion, and OMG it smells soooo amazing! I only used this Hair Lotion and some oil to achieve my Wash-N-Go, then I used my wide tooth comb to try and give it some elongation...

"That awkward moment your comb gets stuck in your 'fro"... LOL

But seriously, using the comb definitely helped to stretch my 'fro ever so slightly and really show the curls.

This Wash-N-Go was definitely a success and I am in LOVE with this Pura Body Naturals Hair Lotion! 

Check out my "Hair of the Day" video to see exactly how I applied the Hair Milk and used the Wide Tooth Comb...

Have you tried any products from Pura Body Naturals? How did you like them? 

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