Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Blow Dry after the Big Chop

Wow! I can't believe its only been a week with my TWA...it seems like I've had this little bush for so long, lol. Within this past week, I've done so many things with my hair that I haven't been able to do to in over 2 years; the first of which is blow-drying my hair straight. 

If you read what happened during my Big Chop [HERE] you know I cut my Sisterlocks, at no specific length, so my 'fro was full of uneven patches. I also spent 10 hours taking down my remaining Sisterlocks with a rattail comb and a thumbtack, so I knew there would be a lot of split ends.  I was really anxious for this trim! 

I started blow-drying my hair using the Cool setting of my Blow-Dryer, but it was taking forever! (Side note: Do you Blow-Dry on the Cool Setting?) So I switched it to the warm setting and continued to straighten the rest of my hair. Of course, I used a heat protectant...one of my favorite heat protectants...Mizani Rose H20. 

I discovered this heat protectant from Camille Reed, Owner of Noire Salon, during her interview on the Mane Definition Talk Show. After her recommendation, I went and bought this product and now I can attest to how amazing it makes your hair feel! 

After completely blow-drying my hair, my uneven patches and split ends were very apparent. Yikes! 

I got a full trim and layers to keep the top of my hair longer. I loved the result of my trim... it was the final step in letting go of my Sisterlocks. 

And after blow drying my hair, I probably should correct myself in saying I have a TWA because I retained a lot more hair than I thought...those 10 hours were worth it! 


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    1. Did you read the post? I cut my Sisterlocks off, blow dried my hair, and got a trim.


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