Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DISCUSSION | Starting My Locs With Backcombing?

This is my first video, sort of an introduction, to my new journey to Traditional Locs. While searching through YouTube for Loc inspiration and doing some research for my own journey  I stumbled upon two great channels; Shawnta715 and PrettiPoison27

After watching a few of Shawnta715's videos, and understanding her reasons for starting her locs with Backcombing, I felt that method would work for me as well. Then I watched a few of PrettiPoison27's videos and she bought up a good point about parting sizes, which I have been really particular about, and her suggestion is that it really won't matter as your hair matures. 

I love that you guys are taking this journey with me and I if you checked out the video please leave a comment about my questions and/or your experience starting Locs... 

Should I start with Backcombing? Or what method would you suggest? 

Should I start my Traditional Locs myself or go to the Salon? 

Square parts or Diamond/Triangle parts? Or do the matters really matter? 


  1. hey curly... i just wanted to find out... what is backcombing?? and how does it cause your hair to loc??

    1. Backcombing is when you comb the hair back from the tip to the root. This causes the hair to mat and create an almost instant "loc".


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