Friday, February 10, 2012

Introducing... Summyji's Sisterlocks Journey!

Summyji is new to the natural hair community and has recently begun her journey with Sisterlocks! Welcome her to the family and share and tips you have for a product cautious newly natural diva!

How long have you been natural/ transitioning?
Natural for 8months

What or who inspired you to go natural?
Watching video blogs and reading information on what's better for me as a black women with a coiled hair texture. Also, I was just tired of wasted money on a hair-do that may last a week, if the weather is right.

What products and/or methods are you currently using to maintain your hair?
The starter shampoo for new Sisterlocks and plain water, if needed, for styling. I let my hair air dry because less heat, less damage.

What is one thing that you know now, that you wish you knew in the beginning of your journey?
I am still new and learning, so I'm just very cautious about what I do to my hair.

What reference(s) do you frequent for information about products, advice, and/or tutorials about natural hair?
Of course, All things O'Natural (facebook), and

Stay Connected With Summyji
Twitter: @futurecrna2014
YouTube: Sgroom21

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