Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hair Steamer Treatment on LocsMyths' Traditional Locs

Time to Palm Roll: 1 Hour
Time Since Last Palm Roll: 2 Weeks
Products Used to Palm Roll: Taliah Waajid's "Loc It Up" Gel 

Since the last Interlocking Session [HERE] his Locs were drier than normal and also a little lackluster, so we decided to give the Huetiful Hair Steamer a try. The Huetiful Hair Steamer is meant to restore moisture to your hair through steam from boiled water [product review HERE]. Typically you're suppose to use the Hair Steamer after you've shampoo'd and applied conditioner, but I wanted to do a Hot Oil Treatment as well, so we used the Hair Steamer before shampooing. 

First, I saturated his Locs with warm Coconut Oil. I chose Coconut Oil because his scalp has been itchy and somewhat dry and Coconut Oil its a GREAT moisturizer. 

Because his Locs are so long and the Huetiful Hair Steamer hood isn't that big, I tied his Locs up to try and fit them all under the Hair Steamer.

The Hair Steaming process took about 15 minutes to complete. Upon coming from under the Hair Steamer, his Locs weren't as moisturized as we'd hoped. I believe this was a combination of not having wet hair and/or not applying conditioner. We're going to retry again in two week, and hopefully get better results! 

After the pre-poo treatment, I shampoo'd his Locs with the Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree shampoo as I normally do. 

The Interlocking from the last session [HERE] held up really nicely and even after exercising all week, a Hair Steamer treatment, and multiple shampoos there was minimal frizz! 

As per our regimen, I greased his scalp with the soothing Adiva Naturals Skin & Scalp Rebuilder and then Palm-Rolled his Locs with the Taliah Waajid "Lock It Up" Gel. 

Have you tried the Huetiful Hair Steamer on your Locs yet? 

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  1. I reviewed it here and talked about how it worked for MY Sisterlocks.

    I'm wondering if it would actually work better for those with 3 hair types.


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